Frequently Asked Questions About Our Plans

What is a Home Service Plan?

A home service plan is a plan that covers the repair/replacement of many home system components and appliances that break down most frequently.


Is Everything in My Home Covered?

No, not everything is covered. However, most home system components and appliances that break down the most frequently are. Feel free to browse our plans page to see what is covered at which level.

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Why do I need a home warranty?

Chances are that your home is one of your biggest investments. Unexpected breakdowns with your home’s system components and appliances can easily strain your budget. A home service plan can’t prevent your homes systems or appliances from breaking down, but we can help cover the repairs or replacement much easier and less costly.


How many times a year can I use my home service plan?

You can use your home service plan as much as you need during your plan term.


What if my appliance can not be repaired?

If we determined that your system component or appliance can not be repaired by one of our service contractors, we will have it replaced.


How can I make sure my service contractor is qualified?

Our network of approved and insured contractors are continually monitored and graded on their performance to ensure our customers satisfaction.


My home systems and appliances are a bit old. Does this affect my coverage?

The age of your home system components and appliances aren’t important. Any items we cover must simply be in good working condition and properly maintained at the time your service plan is purchased.