What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover

Buying homeowners insurance is usually expected when buying a new home. The lender will require it in most cases. The truth is that it does not cover everything in your house, including appliances when they break down. Since that is true, what does it cover?


Insurance Coverage for Your Home


Buying homeowners insurance is actually not for your benefit when you first buy a home. It really is for the benefit of the lender, who simply wants to ensure that they will get their money if you default on the loan. It will also pay you if the house is destroyed or damaged by a tornado, a fire, flood, earthquake, vandalism, etc.


The contents of a house, including appliances, are generally only paid for by a percentage of the loss. However, as you can see, this has nothing to do with what happens when an appliance breaks down. This means that the responsibility of fixing it or replacing it falls entirely on you.


Home Appliance Insurance


If you want coverage for your appliances when they break down, you will need to buy home appliance insurance. It is completely separate from homeowner's insurance.


What Appliance Insurance Covers


Having home appliance insurance means that it covers you in the event that one or more of your covered appliances breaks down. When that happens, a repair technician is sent to your home and will seek to repair it first. If it is discovered that it cannot be repaired, then it will be replaced.


The Advantage of Appliance Coverage


When you have a home appliance warranty from the Endurance Home Warranty company, it means that your appliances are covered. It also means that a top technician in your area will be sent to your home when needed.


The Endurance Home Warranty company carefully selects all the technicians that it uses. They are looked at for their credentials, their insurance, their training, experience, and their ratings. In addition, each one is also tracked to ensure that they keep on providing excellent service.


The Covered Appliances


Basically, a home appliance warranty will cover all of your appliances. This includes your refrigerator, stove, a cooktop, a dishwasher, washer and dryer, a built-in microwave, and a garbage disposal unit.


When you consider the cost involved when having to repair or replace your appliances, you could easily be talking hundreds of dollars. The beauty of a home appliance insurance policy is that the amount of money you save when just one appliance breaks down will likely cover the cost of the entire policy for a year.


Cover Other Home Systems, Too


All of the systems in your home can be covered, which could certainly save you a considerable amount of money if one or more of them breaks down. You could also cover your home's electrical system, plumbing, the furnace, AC, water heater, and more. Other systems can also be covered, such as a pool, spa, septic system, well pump, and much more.


The Endurance Home Warranty insurance company has been providing homeowners with appliance coverage for over 50 years. We continue to be America's top-rated home warranty provider. We invite you to call us at (855) 508-0025 and let us answer your questions about why homeowners insurance is not enough for your appliances and home systems. We would also like to give you a free estimate and customized plan to meet your needs.